Chandur Tehsil, Amravati District
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Kaundanyapur, in Chandur Tahsil is situated on either side of the river Wardha. Kaundanyapur was the capital of Vidarbha and was ruled by the king named Bhismaka, the father of Rukmini. It is located around 100 kms from Nagpur and 41 kms from Amravati

At present a new temple dedicated to Vitthal Rakhumai stands on the mound. Kaundanyapur has reference from Mahabharat in which Rukmini Haran was done by Lord Krishna from Ambika Temple located at Kundinpur which is now known as Kaundanyapur. Still this place has Ambika temple where big celebration happens during Navratris. Many devotees come during this period here. Kundinpur was also the capital of vidharbh state at mahabharata time. Rani Damayanti (wife of raja Nal) was also from kundinpur. That's why the name of upper wardha dam is kept as" Nal Damayanti" sagar.

Distance : Distance from Amravati 41 Kms