Bodna, Post Pohra, Amravati
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Tapovaneshwar is situated in the deep valley formed by three hills and is surrounded by thick forests. The place is called tapovaneshwar, because, it was the forest for penance since pretty old days. Tapovaneshwar has seen more than 10 generations of sadhus who came and stayed here and performed penance, sadhus from Banaras, Haridwar and the Himalayas as well as the pandits from south are said to have visited the place. 

What you see at tapovaneshwar is a pindi of lord Shiva with Nandi, a temple of lord Vishnu is in a dilapidated condition surrounded by huge mango and other trees.

The idol of lord Vishnu, carved out in black stone is exquisitely beautiful. Impact of south architecture is visible.

Distance : Distance From Amravati is 15 Kms